Welcome to Dr. Muddassar Rashid

We are very happy to welcome Dr. Muddassar Rashid to the group, whose main focus will be the levitated electromechanics project.

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Macroscopic rotational superpositions paper published!

Our really exciting proposal on testing quantum physics using the rotation of massive objects has been published in New Journal of Physics.

This work has also attracted the journalists at Phys.org.

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Postdoctoral position available for March 2019

We have a position for a postdoc to work on rotational optomechanics. the aim is to control the rotation of levitated nanoparticles, to study fundamental quantum physics and develop new technology. You can apply here:


Don’t hesitate to contact James for details.

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Welcome to Katie & Yanhui

I’m excited to announce that Katie O’Flynn and Yanhui Hu have joined the group, to work on Electromechanics & Optomechanics respectively. I wish them a productive few years.

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New(ish) lab

The Levitated Nanophysics group has kinda moved into a new room… while we await a shiny new lab we have moved into a temporary space. Yes, it is an office, yes it is huge, and it also has a kitchen, and carpet… still, science waits for no one!

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Quantum Engineering of Levitated Systems – Benasque

James was pleased to be invited to just the most incredible conference in beautiful Benasque – Quantum Engineering of Levitated Systems. The entire levitated optomechanics community came together for the first time in a couple of years, to review our progress. And our progress has been incredible!

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Research visit to ICFO

James was extremely pleased to finally make it to ICFO in Barcelona, to see the amazing nanophotonics experiments of Prof. Romain Quidant, to catch up with old colleagues and make new ones, and to give a talk on rotational optomechanics. Gràcies!

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