The Team + Vacanices


We currently have no funded positions available. We are always interested in motivated students and researchers who wish to apply for their own funding to join the group. Don’t hesitate to contact James to discuss possible options.

The Levitated Nanophysics Group and King’s College London are proud to be an inclusive employer, supportive of all forms of diversity, please see the KCL website for more details.

The Team

All email addresses to be appended by

Dr. James Millen
Group Leader – Google Scholar page
Email: james.millen

Dr. Maryam Nikkhou
Email: maryam.nikkhou

Dr. Muddassar Rashid
PDRA – Google Scholar page
Email: muddassar.rashid


Katie O’Flynn
Ph.D. Student

Yanhui Hu
Ph.D. Student

Yugang Ren
Ph.D. Student

James Sabin
Ph.D. Student