KURF 2021

The Undergraduate Summer Student

My name is Nur Imanina and I am a Malaysian student who had just completed a BSc in Physics with Astrophysics and Cosmology at King’s College London. This summer, I am working on a project with King’s Levitated Nanophysics Group led by Dr James Millen and in collaboration with local artist Steven Claydon under the King’s Undergraduate Research Fellowship (KURF) programme.

While applying for KURF, I chose James’ project because:

  1. Out of all the projects on the list, his stood out – rather than a purely physical or mathematical project, his was a collaboration between the Sciences and the Arts.
  2. I found the bridge fascinating as on top of constructing an ion trap, I would have the chance of giving creative input.
  3. The main objective of the project was to produce an exhibition piece out of the ion trap, for a King’s festival. I found it exciting to participate in a project of such level of significance to the university.
  4. I was keen to work with James as he is a very good lecturer and science communicator (I was convinced by the 2019 Cumberland Lodge weekend seminar and his second-semester lectures on Quantum Mechanics).
  5. I was also interested in the public engagement element of the project – I wanted to improve my scientific communication skills.

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